Platform for Industrial Cultivation

To establish “one-stop” commission system for enterprises that launch operation in the park, covering various comprehensive operations related to commercial and industrial administration, taxation, finance, insurance, telecommunication, etc.

To help enterprises apply for the status of hi-tech enterprises, software enterprises, research and development center, and patent demonstration enterprises, etc.

To help enterprises apply for various scientific projects, and strive for national innovation fund, seed fund, and special funds for information service, e-commerce, etc.

To help enterprises carry out industry-university-research cooperation and organized evaluations and certificates

To establish QQ group, sodalities, regular technical forum and communications, integrate upstream and downstream enterprises in the park, and perfect industrial chain

Platform for Industrial Cultivation

To establish public technological service platform and internet security

To carry out industry-university-research cooperation with high-education institutions so as to promote the transformation of scientific results

To build up e-commerce technical service platform and industry-university-research base

To organize academic exchanges, where they can interact and discuss, so as to enlighten their innovative thinking

Technology and Science Platform

To provide coordinated services for enterprises in the park to solve financing problems

To establish strategic cooperation with China Construction Bank(CCB), Bank of Hangzhou, venture capital companies, bonding companies, etc.

To provide investment and financing services for the enterprises

To introduce government agencies, banks, and financial service institutions, establish capital pool, ad assist enterprises with solving problems of capital chain

To carry out coordination meetings on project financing and build a bridge between key projects and financial institutions

Platform for Legal Protection

To introduce law firms and patent firms to help enterprises apply for patent, copyright, and trademark

To establish develop strategy for intellectual property and coordinate disputes over intellectual property

To carry out irregular a lecture on law knowledge to provide legal guarantee for operations and development of the enterprises

Platform for Talents Cultivation

To cooperate with Hangzhou Normal University, Zhejiang Gongshang University, etc. to establish training and practice bases for university stu dents

To organize special recruitment fairs and train excellent talents for enterprises according to talents demands of the enterprises in the park

To organize entrepreneurs, experts, and senior industrial practitioners to hold public classes for the purpose of enriching and improving the knowledge and skills of staffs who work for the enterprises in the park

To establish a special talents service platform to provide services for the enterprises in the park, including headhunting for senior talents and talents introduction, etc.